Our industry has a huge responsibility to the environment. We constantly monitor and develop our systems, practices and processes to make sure we operate the most caring, considerate and sustainable business activities.

Sustainable design

Most modern construction projects can benefit from sustainable features such as solar power, rainwater harvesting and water recycling. We can help you get the best out of these features by suggesting innovative ways to approach them in the earliest stages of our work together.

Sustainability Recycle Energy

Reuse and recycle

When it comes to our on and off-site operations, we always look for new ways to reduce consumption of materials. We always aim to reuse rather than dispose, promote recycling, segregation of waste and the use of recycled materials. Wherever possible, we use materials and products from sustainable sources.

Responsible suppliers

We have built strong relationships with our trusted suppliers over the years, and we work together to minimise the impact of their operations as well as ours. As a team, we’re always looking for new products and services that can boost sustainability across the board.

Saving energy

If you visit us at our Plymouth head office, you’ll see that our commitment to the environment starts at home. Our building is supported by solar energy and we encourage our whole team to seek ways to improve their environmental impact, by minimising the use of fuel (by car sharing), energy, water, raw materials and other resources.

Environmental awareness

Environmental matters are a topic of focus in all meetings. We encourage our employees to be more environmentally aware, providing training where necessary. We operate all business activities with careful consideration to the environment and we encourage the use of conference call and video conferencing facilities within our teams as much as possible.